• MPAC is zakat-eligible

  • The Quran outlines seven categories zakat should be dedicated to.

    "The offering given for the sake of God are [meant] only for

    1. the poor and the needy, and
    2. those who are in charge thereof, and
    3. those whose hearts are to be won over, and
    4. for freeing people from bondage, and
    5. [for] those overburdened by debt, and
    6. for [every struggle] in God’s cause, and
    7. for the wayfarers;

    [This is] an ordinance from God and God is all-knowing, wise.”


    - Surah At-Taubah (9:60)

  • Our work is applicable in four of the above zakat categories:

    "Those whose hearts are to be won over"

    • In February, we partnered with actor/activist George Takei, Care2 and 320,000 Americans who signed a pledge to stand in defense of American Muslims, declaring that #NeverAgain will we allow “national security” to justify inequality in our laws, or for hate to change our values. 
    • We work to build bridges and win the hearts and minds of influencers and decision makers to convey an authentic understanding of Islam.
    • We work in the entertainment industry and news media to get better stories told about Islam and Muslims.

    "For freeing of people from bondage"

    We advocate for human rights and religious freedom.

    "For [every struggle] in God’s cause"

    • We are partnering with the Department of Justice to create a coalition against hate crimes as part of our strategy to engage government officials to get your voices heard.
    • MPAC stands up to Islamophobes who seek to tarnish Islam and marginalize Muslims.
    • We are in the fight against discrimination in all its ugly forms, be it against a religion, immigrants or refugees. 

    "For the wayfarers"

    The seventh category contemporarily refers to the problems of the homeless and refugees, at home and abroad. MPAC has consistently lobbied for an end to homelessness, and the right of return of all refugees.