• Stories At Sunset

    A small compilation of daily Ramadan reflections from American Muslims around the country. These stories shed light on the stories of Muslims and show a more accurate portrayal of the multitude and diversity of experiences in America.

  • Rubab R.

    "Being in a like-minded environment with individuals that share your struggles is what I'll miss the most this Ramadan. I pray that even without my community of college friends I am able to thrive this Ramadan and continue my journey to becoming a better Muslim."

    Mirriam S.

    "Here is a secret. This is my first time observing Ramadan with a physical fast in 25 years. As much good as I’ve tried to do in this world, refraining from food and drink has been my Achilles heel. Honestly, I was a chicken."

    Aadil M.

    "What I'm trying to say is we have to step up as a community and confront the taboos that divide us. I do not seek to politicize what happened in Orlando, and I do not seek to express any similarity in religiosity to the irreligious brute who ended those innocent lives. But the reality is, the world is currently confronting an Islam they don't know, and we are at a moment where many of our believers are confused with their own faith. It's the truth."

    Henna D.

    "Expecting validation from others will do nothing but break you down when you don’t meet their standards; the feeling of defeat not only brings you down but the thought of what others will think of you will tear you apart like no other.​"

    Yousuf S.

    "One of the words that we have constructed is the word 'Ramadan Muslim.' Ramadan Muslim: One who is only holy during the month of Ramadan. One who is considered liberal and doesn’t really associate with the Muslim community. One who probably only fasts due to societal pressure. One who is not us....I’m trying to make is that we are all human, and the one fundamental fact of human beings is that we all carry flaws. I hate to sound pretentious and cynical, but we are all 'Ramadan Muslims'.​"

    Rick B.

    "My first Ramadan has been a moving experience for me. The fasting has not been as hard as I had built it up in my mind to be, the peaceful reflection and self-awareness have been surprisingly beneficial to me, but far and away the most overwhelming feeling I take away from this Ramadan is the sense of a global community. "