• #WeBelieve values drive action, and action creates change.

    We work with Americans of all creeds around shared values to create social change.

  • Values in action

    1. We educate and convince policymakers and government agencies

    to change national security, civil liberties, immigration, public safety, and religious freedom & human rights policies to better serve the interests of American Muslims.

    2. We educate and convince entertainment & new media (film, television, news, pop culture)

    to promote accurate and humanizing stories about Islam and Muslims.

    3. We educate and empower the American Muslim community

    to become an effective and vital member in American public affairs.

  • In their own words

    Congressman Andre Carson


    "MPAC is one of my favorites... in terms of messaging and being succinct and lobbying legislators and dealing with the machinery... MPAC does one of the best jobs in the Muslim community."

    George Takei

    Actor, Activist

    “MPAC has been serving the community for thirty years now, making a strong stand for diversity of the people, of different ethnicities, of different faiths, of different cultures… We are all standing strong with the Muslim Public Affairs Council."

    Congresswoman Judy Chu


    "I've known of your work in Los Angeles for many, many years and it is a double honor to be in Washington DC and see the work you are doing here. The best way to ensure equality and justice is to build bridges in the community and that is exactly what you are doing."

    Congressman Mike Honda

    Former (D-CA)

    “If MPAC existed in [the 1930s & 40s], Japanese Americans would never have been sent to [internment] camps.”

    Xavier Becerra

    Attorney General, CA

    “To everyone at MPAC, thank you for believing, for always working, for always being there for so many people who believe in the U.S. constitution, who believe in this country’s motto that if you work hard, play by the rules, you can get ahead.”